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Entering the field? Changing career paths? Looking for a leadership role? 
Battleship offers courses and mentorship for you to quickly reach your cybersecurity career goals.

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Get the Infosec Interview has you covered to make a killer resume - and land tough to get cyber security interviews.

Interview to impress

Get all the advice and tools you need to smash your interview - and get the job.

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Overwhelmed about how to enter cybersecurity or what your next job should be? Not anymore - we have that covered.

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Mock interviews, resume reviews, and a supportive online community? Check, check, check.

Who is it for?

Whether you're a N00B or a pro, Battleship has interactive content, created by a dedicated team of real cybersecuri hiring managers, plus seriously enthusiastic mentors.
Battleship makes career management easy - so you reach your goals faster.
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Time management, communication,
networking prowess holding you back? 
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Boost your confidence, master career skills no one else covers.
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Awat Ilkani
Before Battleship, Awat led a global cyber security service team at ABB and has hired dozens of people. He believes strongly in fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion in the cyber security community, and he has a deep seated coffee addiction.
Katelyn Ilkani
Katelyn likes to think her super power is networking. She enjoys helping others reach their potential and develop strategies to attain their career goals. When she's not on Twitter, she's coming up with new course ideas while eating biscotti.
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