Course Series: The INfosec Interview

Get The Interview

Learn the secrets of landing infosec interviews based on hundreds of hours of research, discussions with infosec hiring managers, and engagement with the cyber security community.

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Unlock your interview grabbing ninja skills with this course. Our unique methodology is driven by four pillars:
  • The Surveillance Method

  • The Passion Project

  • The Radar Resume

  • The Kick-Ass Cover Letter

What's included?

  • 7 Course Modules
  • Instruction Videos 
  • Battleship Methodology  
  • Customizable Templates
  • And More

Learn how to land an interview in infosec

We'll take you through a step by step process on how to land interviews for jobs your are interested in. Join us!

Let us amplify you in the community

Go from theory into action with this course and let our team promote you to the infosec community.

Course Lessons

Meet Our Core Team

The Battleship Team is in your corner. We run the Battleship cyber security talent platform, and we know what it takes to get hired. We're here for you throughout the course.

Awat Ilkani

Katelyn Ilkani

Meet the instructor

Katelyn Ilkani

Katelyn likes to think her super power is networking, and she channeled her networking mojo into this course. She beat out 10k candidates for a position at IBM - that she didn't even apply for. And she wants to teach you how to do that too. She enjoys helping others reach their potential and develop strategies to attain their career goals. 
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