Group Infosec Mentoring:
Coming Soon

Are you interested in small group mentoring with awesome infosec leaders? You've come to the right place. We are exploring launching group mentoring in early 2021 based around niche infosec topics (pen testing, DFIR, privacy/legal, infrastructure, OT, certifications, etc.). 

You will get access not only to your group mentor, but also a community of like minded individuals for networking and feedback. The program will be structured around goals and provide milestones for you to measure progress. 

Sign-up to express interest in participating! We need a critical mass of interest in order to launch. There will be a small monthly fee to participate ($25 or less) to cover our costs to administer the program. You can participate from anywhere in the world.

Are you in? 

Thank you!


Battleship is awesome. They've been a huge help as I search for the job that’s the perfect fit for me and for the company who decides to hire me. I recommend reaching out to them if you’re new to the industry, whether you’re straight out of school or if you’re someone like me that wants to transition mid-career. 5 stars!🙂
Jill Wright
I'm very grateful for you reaching out on behalf of Battleship to assist me in my professional development. The course (Get the Infosec Interview) was hugely informational on what to expect and how to approach the role search, and the resume audit was invaluable. Thank you again, I'm grateful for all that you do!
Gregory Coe

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